West Sacramento – Site 185

Volunteers will be doing yard work. This will include yard clean up, tree trimming, and planting. There may also be a dump run if possible.

Vacaville – Site 204

Volunteers will help clean up the garage and to take junk to the dump.
They will also help with weeding a very small backyard. Finally, they will help with some indoor cleaning as well.

Davis – Site 209

Volunteers will help by painting and putting a room together. They will also be hauling a small load to the dump and helping with some gardening.

Woodland – Site 211

Volunteers will replace broken/leaky kitchen faucet (provided), haul junk to the dump, and help with a closet door that goes off track and gets stuck.

Woodland – Site 221

Volunteers will be trimming two plan trees (not too tall), pruning, weeding a large yard, and completing a dump run (pile will be ready to load).