Woodland – Site 210

There is a random assortment of things to be done including: Repair an exterior gate that is detaching from the wall of the house, trim trees, level the washing machine, level the electric range, dust blinds and shutters, caulk the bathtub and surround, clean behind the refrigerator, repair the fence anywhere that boards are coming loose, weeding, repair exterior lighting (I think it is a circuit breaker that needs to be replaced), repair gutters where they are leaking near the front door, fix pool light, and adjust pool sweep so it works properly.

Woodland – Site 211

Volunteers will replace broken/leaky kitchen faucet (provided), haul junk to the dump, and help with a closet door that goes off track and gets stuck.

Woodland – Site 212

The family plans to purchase a screen/storm door for the front door and possibly a security door for the side door to my garage. Volunteers will install one or possibly both of these doors.

They will also help by installing some hooks into the rafters in the garage to hang bikes/strollers etc.

Davis – Site 216

Volunteers will replace the wood trim around the garage door and any wood on the eves that needs replacing (not sure if there is any), caulk the exterior doors and windows, and pressure wash the porches and sidewalks.

West Sacramento – Site 224

Volunteers will repair two sheds, both need panels and shingles replaced to stop leaking. Volunteers will also repair a sand box and remove old sand.